OPMW documentation updated!

A new revision of the OPMW documentation has been released. Now OPMW is aligned to P-Plan too!
Watch how OPMW expands P-plan, OPM and PROV in here: http://www.opmw.org/model/OPMW/

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P-Plan documentation is released!

We are happy to announce that the Ontology for Provenance and Plans (P-Plan) specification is online: http://www.opmw.org/model/p-plan/.

P-plan is an extension of the PROV-O ontology created to represent the plans that guided the execution of scientific processes. P-Plan describes how the plans are composed and their correspondence to provenance records that describe the execution itself.


Publishing OPMW provenance according to the PROV standard


OPMW is an ontology for describing workflows based on the Open Provenance Model. OPMW allows viagra online cheap the publication of workflow execution traces as well as the more abstract reusable workflows that were originally used. Since the publication of the PROV-O click standard, OPMW also extends the W3C recommendation.


This pages aims to help you test our SPARQL endpoint. We propose some sample queries more here that can be posted in the form at the bottom of the page. The results obtained will grow as we keep publishing workflows.

The first example query retrieves the different templates available in the respository:


A comprehensive description of OPMW

with examples:

Documents and applications

Introduction to OPMW

OPMW is an ontology for describing workflows based on the Open Provenance Model. It has been designed as a profile for OPM, extending and reusing OPM's core ontologies OPMV (OPM-Vocabulary) and OPMO (OPM-Ontology).
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